Creating Habitat for Chimney Swifts: A Community Effort

On a sunny Tuesday afternoon in Athens, GA, the Classic City Rotary Club came together at Dudley Park for a special service project. Spearheaded by Stephanie R. Green from the Athens-Clarke County Sustainability Office, this effort was all about giving back to our feathered friends, the Chimney Swifts. A big thank you goes out to Stephanie for her leadership and guidance for this afternoon project.

The group’s mission was to enhance the habitat for these birds, part of a larger initiative funded by the GOSP Grant aimed at revitalizing the North Oconee River area. The project involved planting native plants around new Chimney Swift Towers, structures designed to offer these migratory birds a place to nest and roost.

Chimney Swifts, interestingly related to hummingbirds, can’t perch like other birds due to the placement of their feet. Historically, they nested in hollow trees, but as urbanization took over, they adapted to human-made structures. However, modern challenges like capped chimneys have made it tougher for them to find suitable homes, which makes projects like this even more crucial.

The Classic City Rotary Club members got their hands dirty planting a variety of native plants, including little blue-stem, blue-eyed grass, and purple coneflower, around the towers. Despite the challenging soil conditions, everyone pitched in with enthusiasm, understanding the importance of their work in supporting the ecosystem. These plants are not just for looks; they play a critical role in attracting insects, which in turn feed the Chimney Swifts.

This project wasn’t just about planting; it was a learning experience, emphasizing the vital connection between native plants, the insects that feed on them, and the birds that rely on those insects for survival. It’s a reminder of the impact we can have on our local environment and the importance of working together to protect and preserve it for future generations.

Please see Stephanie Green’s write up here to learn more:

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